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October Newsletter

October Newsletter

The start of the new academic year has gone really well and I hope you’ve enjoyed some of the new activities that I’ve introduced to your classes.  We’ve had fun using whiteboards, listening activities, pyramid translations and oral ping pong exercises.

We’ve been joined by some new learners so it’s great that the groups are vibrant.  Once again if you know anyone who would like to learn some French, please tell them about our classes.

Here is a rundown of what the various groups have been up to.

Mondays @ Morpeth

We’ve moved to a new venue in Morpeth which I hope you like.  One great benefit is the free car parking, so gone are the times when I have to dash out to move my car, I can now concentrate on teaching you!





Wednesdays @ Seaton Sluice & Whitley Bay

This is Linda and Pat doing some of our new activities. I hope you like some of the new activities I’ve been introducing – they really do make you work



Thursdays @ Morpeth

The morning group have been working on developing their speaking and listening skills with some sentence builders, pyramid translations and oral ping pong exercises.  In the afternoon group this week we had fun playing call my bluff.

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